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This Works: Read Them All

It’s not just about making pretty. It’s about making money.

When space is limited, use vertical space such as art or drapes to visually enlarge a room.”

Knowing what’s hot and what’s not can be the difference between a home that feels modern and one that feels dated.”

Buyers need to feel that they are in their home, not your home. Removing personal items and bold colors helps achieve this.

Good staging showcases the style of the community and the house.

Lifestyles sell.  Stage dinner parties, art galleries, movie nights and romantic retreats.

Work with what works. Store what doesn’t.

When it comes to rehabs, keep it clean, keep it simple, keep it profitable.

Drapes make rooms feel bigger and cozier.

Limit your palette to 3 colors when possible to unite the home and keep buyers focused on features.

Diplomacy and flexibility are key when helping a client adjust for a sale—accommodating works. Judging doesn’t.

Rich silhouettes, materials and color palettes can lend architectural interest to a simple property.

Color and texture can warm up a space with clean, modern lines.

Layers add character to a vacant space.

Creating a purpose-driven space, like a breakfast area, gives buyers an extra bonus.

To highlight great features such as flooring or cabinetry, use similar-toned colors in art and furnishings.

Everyone knows mirrors can make a space look bigger, but correct placement can also reflect a great view, add natural light or mimic an extra window.

Balance is more important than abundance. Rooms should feel consistent.

Features are valuable real estate. Show them off with staged ‘activities.’

Buyers will remember feelings. Make a house feel fun and make it memorable.

Good staging shows buyers how challenging floor-plans can work for them, not against them.

Draw attention to valuable views.

A well-placed rug can anchor a room.